Mick Farrer

Mick started his DJ career in 1985 after spending many years clubbing and buying the elusive tunes. His early memories of where it all started dates back to the late 60’s and he recalls – sorting through the piles of 7’s that his dad owned it was mainly the Motown and Atlantic records that stood out for him.
Fast forward to the late 70’s and early 80’s and he was regularly attending The Goldmine, Flick’s, The Sheffield Arms, The Royal Oak & the Caister Soul Weekender’s.
In June 1985 he did his first ever DJ spot and soon after various gigs followed.
In August 1987 he promoted the first of his now legendary “Soul Cruisin’ boat parties” which have become embedded into “Soul Folklore” history.
Mick has been a presenter on Solar radio since 1999 and presents the Soul Cruisin’ radio show on Friday nights 8pm – 10pm with co-partner Steve Hobbs and you will hear the cream of new music on the Soul, Nu Disco and Soulful House tip as well as quality music features from back in the day covering all decades from the 60’s.